Andrea Elson

Andrea Hope Elson, an American actress and former model was a former actor who has since retired. Beginning her professional career as a young actress as well as a model, Elson is probably best-known for her roles on television in the role of Alice Tyler on the CBS science-fiction . Andrea tried out to play the lead in ALF the smash 1986 show. The show won her. After a long time of work on hit shows her departure from the business to spend time with her children. Andrea Elson was playing Lynn Tanner as the teenager daughter Kate and Willie in a period that she was going through a difficult time. People reported in 2000 that she was struggling to grow as an actress before the audience of sitcoms. Elson, who was green eyed New York City native grew as a traveler because of the advertising job her father had. Andrea had lived in New York and Chicago, San Diego and Los Angeles before she turned ten. Andrea won her first performance in San Diego after she got an agent. Fusco defended the premise and said that "ALF is two hundred and eighty-five years old. He is able to drink beer because he's old enough. NBC advised Fusco to stop ALF from drinking in the presence of children because it was a bad model. Fusco was convinced that ALF, despite being an adult, was capable of doing this. The alcohol... death. In 1995, he was diagnosed to have cancerous lymphoma. The cancer was treated successfully and he remained in full recovery for the remainder of his life. In June of 2019, at the age of 75, he died of cancer at the Lillian Booth Actors Home located in Englewood New Jersey.

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