kelly clarkson

KellyKelly Clarkson was the American Dream's embodiment when she took home the inaugural American Idol season. Clarkson conceived the notion that you could originate from anywhere, and suddenly become a star which was something real that American fans could hold on to and most importantly buying it. Her debut album was an enormous success and after shifting to another label, and taking the control of her voice, her second album was the top-selling album of any "American Idol" participant. The highlights of her career include traveling extensively performing, recording many Top Ten songs, publishing two albums that were multi-Platinum, and being a mentor and co-writing much her songs. In addition, she's won many awards. The award ceremony was attended by four American Music Awards were presented to her, as well as 12 Billboard Music Awards. She was also awarded two Grammy Awards and three MTV Video Music Awards. To date, she has received 98 major award nominations, but has only won seventy of these.


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